Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pre-Holiday Gifts or PHG

I can NOT believe that it is Halloween on Sunday and what that means is The Holidays are here!
I LOVE the holidays, but I can NEVER get everything done that I hope to do. So, this year I am giving myself some daily PHG (pre-holiday gifts) to get me organized, checking off my "to-do list" and in the Holiday spirit.  I'm thinking gifts like: Share Beauty, Health, Be Creative and Expand!

1. Share Beauty
Last week I ordered the most beautiful bracelet from Stacie's Jewelry. She has a nice blog and etsy shop. Check out her unique items.  The packageing is so pretty, I didn't want to throw it away - great gifts for yourself or for a friend.
2. Health
I am currently doing 30day yoga!
3. Expand
I am participating in Declaration of You (really fun!) Creative Coconuts (very supportive) and in November Leah's Art Every Day Month
4. Be Creative
I really need to create everyday but in an organized way so I don't feel overwhelmed.  I met Lynn in the Declaration of You e-course and she inspired me with  5 projects in 5 days so before November is here I will
1. Decorate for Halloween (ha! I know)
2. use the spooky halloween cookie cutters I got last year but forgot to use
3. Find costumes for my dogs and horse
4. make a fun Halloween themed dinner on Sunday!
5. organize my studio and get ready for November

I already feel pampered and inspired. I'll let you know how it turns out!
Have a great weekend!!!
Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Imperfect...and proud of it!

Better late than never...and nothing like an imperfect picture to protest perfection! ha!
Just a quick post to participate in Brene` Brown's Perfect Protest.  If you haven't read her book The Gifts of Imperfection - order it now!  you will be glad you did because it really is an insightful book.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today I completed Christine Mason Miller's workshop "Today: Begin".  It was part of Mindy Tsonas' *WishStudio that offers ongoing online workshops.  And the money raised to participate in the workshop was donated to Marianne Elliott's Global Seva Challenge for South Africa AIDS/HIV Projects. 
It was so amazing!!
Christine took the overwhelming idea of a dream (no matter what it is) and broke it down into manageable pieces.
My dream is to create a series of color pencil drawings (4-6) using my dog, Rocky as my inspiration/model.  I made a committment to myself to begin today and I not only created a collage to get myself motivated, but completed the first three steps on my "to do list" - with writing this blog being #4! Yeah!

There is so much excitment in movement. I've had creative dreams, goals and ideas in the past, but that is where they stayed.  They never materialized (idk, I guess I just thought it would magically happen on it's own! ha!) or they just fizzled out as I talked myself out of even starting.  Now, it isn't just a pie in the sky idea anymore. It is something I am actually doing.  And it feels wonderful!!

So you will be seeing more of Rocky and I hope you like him - he's a pretty fun boxer pup!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Message from NYC

I've been in New York City all week with my daughter visiting college campuses.  There were a few she absolutely loved and a couple were marked off the list within minutes!  It has been fun, with lots of walking, shopping, eating, more shopping and me trying to keep up and be cool.  I think I failed at the latter :)
But I did learn something about myself.  I go at the pace of those I am with.  Maybe its because I am a mom and I am not a good juggler/multitasker.  Seriously my phone rings while I'm driving and I miss my exit.  As a stay-home mother of three and wife to a busy businessman, my schedule has always been theirs or managing their schedules.  Outside of that I didn't have alot of time or energy to go towards me.  Until recently, as each child has turned 16 and became more independent.  My time is now my own and I really like the slower pace I've set for me.

But this was my daughter's trip and we were moving with the pulse of The City!  On the last night I did meet up with Louise Gale that I met at Squam Art Workshop. She is so sweet and talented.  I enjoyed our 45 minutes! She told me about her friend Rose's photography that was in an art gallery nearby and suggested we check it out.  So we did and I was inspired!  I WILL FIND an artist group in North Texas! How cool to be featured in a REAL art gallery. I have a goal!
But after a few minutes we were rushing out of the Gallery District, so we could get back over to SAKS on 5th Avenue and still have time to make our 8 o'clock dinner reservations in Times Square.
I almost missed my sign from the universe that Meghan asked everyone to look for.  I walked right past it not once, but twice!  And then only saw it as our taxi was driving away.  I took a quick snap and sort of got it!  I could have gotten out of the cab to get the "perfect picture", but I could hear Brene Brown's  Perfect Protest and the message of her new book The Gifts of Imperfection shouting at me: "It's good enough!"  She is right!  The picture I captured shows where I am right now- still underconstruction, having to look past the scaffolds to read the big, bold rainbow colors covering the entire brick wall: "THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN'T DO!"

Thank you New York! I Love you! : )