Thursday, September 30, 2010

Forever in a Squam World

Since getting back from Squam Art Workshop on Sept 19th, I have been looking at all the great photos in flickr and thinking about all the beautiful and talented people I met there.  They were all so unique, yet we were all part of the same creative tapestry.  I can't stop thinking about how ONE person's vision (Elizabeth's) became real and over the past few years brought so many together!  And in such a beautiful place at Squam Lake. This creative spirit, made us laugh, sing, chant, paint, photograph, write, journal, share, support, care, believe and cry together...Connect.
This community of love between friends, strangers, on-line sisters, mentors and teachers was deep & real; light & fun!

This week as I sat uploading my photos and entering my new friends websites, blogs, twitter and flickr names, my small creative community began to expand around the world. I find we share similar losses, blessings, gifts, and dreams. One twitter led to another, a new blog became a new friend, an unraveler shows me a new course to explore.  And so it grows.

Tuesday was my youngest son's 16th birthday.  My husband arrives home at 6 in a horrible mood.  I remind him it's John's day and to put on a happy face. 
He says, "But my day started at 8 am in the Texas Dept of Transportation line for an hour." 
I reply, "I was there for two hours and now I am happy." (big smile and happy birthday dance)
He smiles and comes back with, "but we live in different worlds, honey."
I laugh and realize he is right!
I am forever in a Squam World!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 31: Celebrate!

This is me and my hubby! Today is the last day of August.
It's Happy Birthday to Tony (brother), Bob (brother-inlaw)
and Jennifer (sister-inlaw)!
And Happy 19th Anniversary to Joy (sister) and Steve!
Good bye August! Good bye Summer!