Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Message from NYC

I've been in New York City all week with my daughter visiting college campuses.  There were a few she absolutely loved and a couple were marked off the list within minutes!  It has been fun, with lots of walking, shopping, eating, more shopping and me trying to keep up and be cool.  I think I failed at the latter :)
But I did learn something about myself.  I go at the pace of those I am with.  Maybe its because I am a mom and I am not a good juggler/multitasker.  Seriously my phone rings while I'm driving and I miss my exit.  As a stay-home mother of three and wife to a busy businessman, my schedule has always been theirs or managing their schedules.  Outside of that I didn't have alot of time or energy to go towards me.  Until recently, as each child has turned 16 and became more independent.  My time is now my own and I really like the slower pace I've set for me.

But this was my daughter's trip and we were moving with the pulse of The City!  On the last night I did meet up with Louise Gale that I met at Squam Art Workshop. She is so sweet and talented.  I enjoyed our 45 minutes! She told me about her friend Rose's photography that was in an art gallery nearby and suggested we check it out.  So we did and I was inspired!  I WILL FIND an artist group in North Texas! How cool to be featured in a REAL art gallery. I have a goal!
But after a few minutes we were rushing out of the Gallery District, so we could get back over to SAKS on 5th Avenue and still have time to make our 8 o'clock dinner reservations in Times Square.
I almost missed my sign from the universe that Meghan asked everyone to look for.  I walked right past it not once, but twice!  And then only saw it as our taxi was driving away.  I took a quick snap and sort of got it!  I could have gotten out of the cab to get the "perfect picture", but I could hear Brene Brown's  Perfect Protest and the message of her new book The Gifts of Imperfection shouting at me: "It's good enough!"  She is right!  The picture I captured shows where I am right now- still underconstruction, having to look past the scaffolds to read the big, bold rainbow colors covering the entire brick wall: "THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN'T DO!"

Thank you New York! I Love you! : )


  1. Tammy, what a wonderful post :) You've created such a vibrant atmosphere with your words and photos. I love that you are finding your own pace and that scaffolding shot with the rainbow letters is just amazing xxx

  2. Love it, love it, love it!! Glad you saw your message from the Universe. xoxo

  3. :) love this. next time you're in NYC, shoot me an email. I'm very close!! xo B

  4. This is great Tammy, I can't believe you have a daughter going to college, Wow..

    Karen D (unravelling)

  5. So fabulous to see you! Oh yes, messages from the universe - they are everywhere, stopping to notice and take action is what makes them and us more amazing. Muuaaaah xx