Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pre-Holiday Gifts or PHG

I can NOT believe that it is Halloween on Sunday and what that means is The Holidays are here!
I LOVE the holidays, but I can NEVER get everything done that I hope to do. So, this year I am giving myself some daily PHG (pre-holiday gifts) to get me organized, checking off my "to-do list" and in the Holiday spirit.  I'm thinking gifts like: Share Beauty, Health, Be Creative and Expand!

1. Share Beauty
Last week I ordered the most beautiful bracelet from Stacie's Jewelry. She has a nice blog and etsy shop. Check out her unique items.  The packageing is so pretty, I didn't want to throw it away - great gifts for yourself or for a friend.
2. Health
I am currently doing 30day yoga!
3. Expand
I am participating in Declaration of You (really fun!) Creative Coconuts (very supportive) and in November Leah's Art Every Day Month
4. Be Creative
I really need to create everyday but in an organized way so I don't feel overwhelmed.  I met Lynn in the Declaration of You e-course and she inspired me with  5 projects in 5 days so before November is here I will
1. Decorate for Halloween (ha! I know)
2. use the spooky halloween cookie cutters I got last year but forgot to use
3. Find costumes for my dogs and horse
4. make a fun Halloween themed dinner on Sunday!
5. organize my studio and get ready for November

I already feel pampered and inspired. I'll let you know how it turns out!
Have a great weekend!!!
Happy Halloween!!


  1. sounds great Tammy. I am doing the Art Every Day also and have been wondering how to organize all my creative and mundane projects..
    Have fun!

  2. Tammy, Thanks so much for your compliments on my jewelry! Glad you like the bracelet. Sounds like a perfect weekend. I want to see what costumes you find for your horse! Stacie

  3. love your post. It is inspiring. I am going to give Art Every Day a try......