Monday, May 16, 2011

52 photos

My friend Bella, has a new photo challenge that I am so excited about!  It's called 52 Photos Project. Each week we are given a prompt on Sunday, as well as an interview with a photographer so we can get to know different styles and personalities.  It's really a fun challenge. I am a little late starting but here are my entries for the first two weeks.
Week one was nourish.
Week two was color
Week three was a little harder: "I found it on the ground"
I was having trouble finding anything really worth photographing.  Then our puppy gave me something - even though it made me mad, it was hard to stay mad.  My son had planted me new flowers in the flower pots by the back door for Mother's Day.  I loved having my coffee each morning and looking out at the love he had given me.  Then this morning all the flowers were gone, there was dirt all over the ground and a puppy sleeping in the flower pot!
Now Week 4: Ray of Light
The weather has been beautiful the past few days and I snapped this sun flare through the trees in the backyard with my iphone, as I was outside reading.  Trying to enjoy the slowness of today for summer is about to begin!


  1. I love this beautiful pattern created by the sun beams. It almost looks like a piece of jewelry.

  2. Tammy!!! So happy you are playing along with us.
    You've captured beautiful light here.
    (We need to catch up!) xo

  3. Happy to meet you here! Great shots!! All of them...see ya around!!

  4. Oh Tammy, I am so glad that you are taking part in this project:) Your dog story really made me smile, fab photo too. The light shot is magical!

  5. seriously that pup pic is priceless.. I am loving Bella's 52 Photos also.